Be A Global Neighbor

Did you know that people migrate to countries all over the world, not just the United States? In Taiwan, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers work to provide shelter, language classes, and job training to migrant workers and their families.

Watch the video A Second Chance for Migrants to learn more about why people migrate and how Maryknoll Father Joyalito Tajonera accompanies and supports migrant workers in Taiwan.

BRAINSTORM ways your classroom, school, parish, or family can support the Maryknoll Society’s work with migrants in Taiwan. For example:

  • Hold a fundraiser to donate to the work ministry of Fr. Tajonera.
  • Plan a prayer service for the work of missioners and/or migrants.
  • Start a campaign to help educate others on this issues and ways that others can respond to migration. (Use the 4 verbs your class presented in Step 3 of the Educator Guide.)