Faith Perspective

We all depend on others to welcome and care for us. When I first arrived as a missionary in Tanzania, I was indeed a stranger in a strange land (Exod.2:22). I needed my new neighbors to help me learn their language, culture, and ways of life. I may have had a different skin color and spoken a different language, but people warmly welcomed me.

“Every day throughout the world people are forced to leave their homes to search for a more secure and peaceful life for their families and loved ones. How are we to respond? In Chapter 25 of St. Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus teaches us the way. He says, ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’ In other words, when we are strangers in a strange land, we can find strength knowing that Jesus walks with us. When we reach out in compassion to people who look to us for safety, freedom, and friendship, we are in fact reaching out in love to the God who loves us.”

- Fr. Robert Jalbert, M.M.

Adapted from Welcoming Jesus in the Stranger in Maryknoll magazine