Step 2: Make Personal Connections

OBJECTIVEStudents will reflect on how others show them love and discern what it means to love the stranger.

JOURNAL: Think of someone who loves you. How do they show their love?

CHALK TALK: As a class, list on a large piece of paper at the front of the room the different ways that people show you love. When finished, the teacher reads the list aloud.

READ the FAITH PERSPECTIVE article. DISCUSS WITH A PARTNER: Remember a time when you were in a new place or around new people. What did people do to make you feel welcome? What else could they have done to welcome you? AS A CLASS add these new ideas to the list from the Chalk Talk.

READ NEIGHBOR FOCUS. CLASS DISCUSSION: The teacher asks a question, then throws a ball to a student who wants to answer. After answering, the student throws the ball back to the teacher. The teacher then invites someone else to add a response, agree or disagree, or asks a new question.

EXTENSION: Read A Right to Dream and conduct interviews with classmates playing the characters in the story. (Sample questions and extension directions included in NEIGHBOR FOCUS section.)

AS A CLASS add any additional examples to the list at the front of the room of how we can make everyone feel welcome in our community.