Step 2: Make Personal Connections

OBJECTIVE: Students will reflect on what God’s Creation means to their lives, and brainstorm ways to better Care for Creation.

READ the FAITH PERSPECTIVE article as a class or in small groups.

IMAGINE if you wanted to share with someone in another country some reasons why you love God’s creation. What in your hometown might you photograph to express this?

DRAW A PICTURE of the place or piece of nature that you would share. On your drawing, write the answer to this question: What does this teach me about God?

EXTENSION: Make a class mural with images of where you find God in the world around you.  

Share a picture of your mural on Instagram for the Season of Creation, September 1st to October 4th with the hashtag #DiscoverYourNeighbor @DiscoverYourNeighbor


DISCUSS WITH A PARTNER: “Think through your day yesterday and describe all of the ways that you used water. How might your life be different if you didn’t have water whenever you needed it?”

DISCUSS AS A CLASS: Why do we (both us as students at our school and the students at Mua Hills) need water? Why do we need to care for creation?

BRAINSTORM TOGETHER: What are ways that your class can better respect and appreciate what God creates for all of us?