Step 4: Take Action

Tell Their Stories

Pope Francis reminds us that “Migrants are persons, with their own names, stories and families” (January 9, 2017). During the season of Advent, as we remember the migration story of the Holy Family, we must also listen to, share, and learn from the migration stories of today.

RESEARCH the story of a family member, neighbor, or someone in the news who has migrated to your community or country.  Record this person’s name, where they came from, and when and why they came. Include a photo. (You can find stories of people who have migrated at Faces of Migration from Justice for Immigrants.)

CREATE A MIGRATION MAP as a class, placing the pictures and details about the people you researched next to their countries of origin. Share what you learned with the class.

DISCUSS: What surprised or interested you about the stories you heard? What similarities and differences did you notice? How can we continue to learn and share stories of migration? What can we do to make people feel welcome?