Step 4: Take Action


Pope Francis continues to challenge us to change the “throwaway culture” we live in. What are we called to do in response to the pope’s challenge and how should we do it? 

RESEARCH: the amount of plastic bags, water bottles and straws that are used and discarded each year. Design a graph or chart to help explain your findings to your class/group. 

REDUCE: make a chart with three columns. Label them plastic bags, straws, water bottles. For the next week track how many of these you use each day. At the end of the week brainstorm as a class ways that you can eliminate single-use plastic. Use the family pledge card (available at discoveryourneighbor. org) to commit how the family will reduce/recycle and repurpose plastic. 

RECYCLElearn about your local recycle program in your community. Interview leaders at your school, church, as well as your family to find out how well they are recycling. Together find ways to implement effective recycling programs. 



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