Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition


OLD TESTAMENT: Exodus 4:10-17

LIFE OF JESUS: Matthew 21:28-31

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Romans 10:9-18

REFLECT: In Exodus, Moses struggles with whether or not he can do what God is asking of him. Do you ever feel that you are too young to do something important? These passages all talk about being sent and the fact that sometimes there is a real reluctance to go. Where might God be sending you to use your abilities as a young person? What would you need to go forth in courage to share kindness and joy?

CREATE a chain of courage-and-kindness. After reading these scripture passages, invite the students to be part of a chain reaction of courage and kindness. Have them write one kind thing they will do today on a strip of paper or write one courageous step that they will take. Provide strips of paper along with glue or tape, so that the students can link their strips to form a paper chain. Explain that courage and kindness usually cause a chain reaction. Encourage them to do what they have written and invite others to join them.



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