Step 2: Make Personal Connections


REFLECT: In both of the stories the Seattle students and John Siyumbu wanted to inspire others.

SHARE WITH A PARTNER: Who is one person or what was one event that inspired you to do something for others? 

WRITE answers to the following questions: What are you passionate about? What is a dream you have for your life? How can you use your passions and dreams to help others? 

DISCUSS how the students in Seattle inspired voters. Where in your community could you cheer others on? And how? 

BRAINSTORM as a class actions that you might take to motivate and inspire others. Once you agree on an idea break into small groups dividing the tasks that need to be done to accomplish your plan of action. Come back together and share your group’s suggestions and fill in the gaps the groups might have missed. After you have implemented your plan come back together and have each group EVALUATE what went well with their plan and what could have been done differently. 

Some ideas for inspiring others might be: 

1. Have students line the hallway to cheer on graduates/welcome new classes. 

2. Spread joy by visiting people in a nursing home either as a class or with just your family. 

3. Initiate a community project to encourage 



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