The wind moves the Holy Spirit throughout people’s lives.

Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition


Old Testament: Genesis 2:4-7

Life of Jesus: John 20: 19-23

Christian Living: Acts 2: 1-4

REFLECT: The Hebrew word ruah means “wind,” “breath” or “spirit.” We know that wind is the movement of air. In these Scriptures we hear how air, breath and wind illustrate the Holy Spirit moving throughout people’s lives. In small groups DESCRIBE what is happening in these passages. EXPLAIN how the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of the people in the passage. IDENTIFY how the people are changed from the movement of the Holy Spirit.

DESIGN & CONSTRUCT your own kite. (For ideas, go to YouTube or Pinterest.) On the kite write or draw a prayer to the Holy Spirit including where you would like the movement of the Holy Spirit in your own life, i.e., at school, in your family, etc. In small groups DESCRIBE & DISCUSS the design of your kite and the areas you would like God’s Spirit to move in your life. What change would you like or expect by opening yourself up to the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life? As a prayer then GO FLY YOUR KITE!



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