Step 1: Pray

READ the story of the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt Matthew 2: 7-15 two times. The first time, read to UNDERSTAND the story. The second time, read to UNDERSTAND what it must have been like for Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. EXPLORE it through the lens of wonder, by asking “I wonder...:

  1. What would it be like to have to flee my home?
  2. What might Joseph and Mary have felt about having to flee their country?
  3. What it would be like to have a dream and be certain it was my Guardian Angel telling me to do something?
  4. How did they decide what to take with them and what to leave behind?
  5. What I would take and what I would leave behind?

PRAY: Loving God, we pray for displaced people who like the Holy Family are forced to flee their countries, driven by war, poverty, and necessity. We pray for those who have to leave their homes and lands, to seek refuge in safer places. Help them to find the strength to persevere. Give them comfort in sorrow and courage when things are difficult. Help us to respond generously, open our hearts, and welcome them as friends.




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