What Does the Church Say

What does the Church Say? 

Pope Francis asks us to be people of wonder by listening to displaced people. He said “In order to reconcile, we need to listen. In today’s world, messages multiply but the practice of listening is being lost. Yet it is only through humble and attentive listening that we can truly be reconciled. In 2020, silence has reigned for weeks in our streets. A dramatic and troubling silence, but one that has given us the opportunity to listen to the plea of the vulnerable, the displaced and our seriously ill planet. Listening gives us an opportunity to come together with our neighbor, with all those who have been “discarded”, with ourselves and with God.” WATCH Pope Francis’ message "Forced like Jesus Christ to flee":


What challenges did people face in the Exodus and Matthew passages? Did they feel that God was with them?

What does the passage from Hebrews 13 tell us about God’s love?

From these readings, how is God inviting us to be persons of wonder who respond in love to refugees?



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