Step 1: Pray

For the following prayer you will need a leader and two readers–reader 1 and reader 2. If you do not have three people, divide the prayer by pausing between the parts.

Leader: Jesus’ path to peace was full of suffering and pain as he carried his cross up the hill of Golgotha. During Lent let us draw strength from our Savior's example and the witness of those he encountered along the way. We pray:

Reader 1: Like Jesus let me not be so burdened by the weight of my difficulties that I fail to see the love offered by those who accompany me on my journey.

Reader 2: Like Mary his mother, let me be the face in the crowd that offers love and understanding and suffers with those who struggle under the weight of injustice.

Reader 1: Like Simon, let me walk with those who grow weary, and help to ease the burden pressing down on them.

Reader 2: Like Veronica let me notice the needs of the hurting and step forward to offer what I can with care and compassion.

Reader 1: Like Jesus, as he encountered the women of Jerusalem, let me look beyond myself to see the pain of others so that I may offer support and encouragement.

Leader: God, as the world struggles under the weight of injustice we pray that you inspire in us a dream of renewed encounter, dialogue, justice and peace. AMEN



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