Step 4: Take Action

DIVIDE a piece of paper into four sections by drawing a line from to top to bottom in the middle of the paper and from left to right write in the center of the paper. In the first section WRITE Family, in the second WRITE School, in the third WRITE Community, and in the fourth WRITE World. In each section IDENTIFY who might need accompaniment by LISTING names or groups from that area of your life. Next WRITE a sentence or two of what that might look like. SEE the examples below for ideas.

Family-help a sibling with their homework; make dinner, do the dishes, or put away the groceries; write a thank you card for someone who did something nice for you.

School-be a friend to someone who has none; accompany or offer support to those in younger grades.

Community-reach out to the elderly who are isolated and write them cards or call them; gather food for a food bank.

World-buy products that you know where they were made; read a current news story about the working conditions in another country.

During Lent start by doing at least one of these actions.



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