Step 1: Pray

PRAY with your imagination by having a leader slowly read the following meditation or by READING it on your own. Then SAY the closing prayer.

Close your eyes, put your feet squarely on the floor and sit up straight. Take one or two deep breaths to relax yourself.

Now, Picture your favorite place in nature. Where are you? (pause for a bit after each question)
What do you see? Are there animals or birds or flowers or rocks? Let your imagination go. What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Creator God,
Thank you for the gift of your creation, for the places in nature that bring us joy and the animals that intrigue us and give us love. As human beings we are connected to your creation. Help us to hear the cry of the earth and imagine ways to care for it. Help us to be aware of our impact on the earth and to be good caretakers of it. Inspire us with new ideas and new dreams as we go forward into the future. AMEN



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