Step 2: Faith Perspective

READ the mission story and then REFLECT by answering the questions.

Maryknoll began as the dream of three visionaries, Fr. James A. Walsh, Fr. Thomas Price and Mary Josephine “Mollie” Rogers (known as Mother Mary Joseph). They imagined creating a missionary order to send men and women from the U.S. to bring the good news of Jesus to those most in need around the world. They began by buying a farm on a knoll or hill in New York and dedicated it to Mary. This is where the name Maryknoll began.

Care for the planet is an important part of Maryknoll’s work in mission to share God’s love and the Gospel in combating poverty, providing healthcare, building communities, promoting human rights and protecting the earth’s resources. Maryknoll missioners have been privileged to serve God’s people in many corners of the earth, most often on the margins with the people who are excluded from tables of power and whose lives are considered expendable or “throwaway” in our current economic system. This lived experience of our missioners informs our beliefs and guides us to imagine new ways to live as missionary disciples.

Today there is a new dream emerging on Mary’s knoll. For years the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers wondered how they might use cleaner energy to help power their home campus and contribute it to those around them. Solar energy seemed to be the way to go. So they recently put their dream into action by in- stalling 2,184 solar panels (874-kilowatt) in two locations on the Maryknoll property.

Solar energy reduces our carbon footprint. Solar panels have been installed on carports in two of Maryknoll’s parking lots. The energy collected by the panels will be transferred and sold to the local utility company by Ecogy Energy, giving residents a chance to purchase green energy. The project will have a total of 110,000 square feet of solar panels. It will generate enough electricity to power between 100 and 200 households.

  1. How is Maryknoll living their dream to care for God’s people and the earth?
  2. How is helping people move beyond poverty connected to caring for creation?
  3. Maryknoll imagined a way to turn their parking lot into an energy source, look around your home and your community, where do you see possibilities to dream of new ways to care for the earth?



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