Step 1: Pray

PRAY this using an Advent Wreath each week of advent.

Opening Prayer: Merciful God in the symbol of this Advent Wreath we recall that you are the light that shines in the darkness and your love has no beginning and no end.

First Candle
LIGHT the first candle and READ Isaiah 9:1,5
READ: We light this first candle remembering Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay. We pray for all refugees fleeing their homes and searching for a safe place.
PRAY: God light the way for all those in need of safety.

Second Candle
LIGHT the second candle and READ Luke 11:9-10
READ: We light this second candle and recall the encounter the Holy Family had with the innkeeper. We pray that all migrants and refugees receive the help they need and that those they encounter open their doors with compassionate hearts.
PRAY: God light the way for all of us to open our doors and hearts with compassion to all those who need help.

Third Candle
LIGHT the third candle and READ Hebrews 13:1-6
READ: We light this third candle and remember the Three Kings who traveled to welcome your son. We pray for all those who welcome refugees around the world. We give thanks for their hospitality and care and pray that we too might be welcoming.
PRAY: God let the light of those who care for refugees be an example for all people.

Fourth Candle
LIGHT the fourth candle and READ Matthew 2:13-23
READ: We light this fourth candle and remember that the Holy Family had to flee as refugees to save Jesus’ life. We pray for a peaceful end to conflicts, violence, injustice, climate change and natural disasters that force people to leave their homes.
PRAY: God shine the light of peace upon the earth.



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