Step 4: Take Action

CHOOSE a country that people are fleeing from and becoming refugees. RESEARCH what is causing people to leave their homes. WATCH Who is a Refugee? on YouTube or visit to learn more about refugees. ANSWER these questions as a group:

1. What is a refugee?
2. Why do people leave their homes?
3. How many refugees are there in the world?
4. Where are most refugees living now?
5. Do they ever get to go home?
6. Do they want to leave their homes?
7. Where do they go?
8. How are they treated?
9. What does the Catholic Church teach about welcoming refugees?

MAKE a nativity scene representing the country you have chosen. Find nativity ideas on Pinterest, YouTube, or on the Web. Be CREATIVE, you can make indoor or outdoor scenes, or act out a modern day version of the nativity story. DISPLAY your nativity scenes for your class/group.After viewing all the nativity scenes ANSWER these questions:

1. What makes the scenes similar?
2. What makes them different?
3. How does Jesus’ birth inspire us to have compassionate encounters with others?



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