Welcome to the Discover Your Neighbor 2018 Care Of Creation Lessons.

Students will be able to:OBSERVE and EXPLAIN how plastic waste threatens the natural environment.IDENTIFY ways to reduce the use of[...]
Step 1: Pray
Loving God, You created all things both big and small in the universe. You tenderly care for all that exists. Empower us with[...]
Step 2: Make Personal Connections
READ the FAITH PERSPECTIVE article as a class/group.DISCUSS: A throwaway culture is one where people use something only once or a[...]
Faith Perspective
“As a young priest in Manila, Philippines, I was invited by my friend, a local pastor, to visit members of[...]
Neighbor Focus, Guatemala
Alejandro Cordoba’s friends jumped into the back of his Toyota truck to meet up with Fr. Ted Custer, M.M. and[...]
Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition
READ ONE OF THE FOLLOWINGOLD TESTAMENT: Genesis 2: 4-15 LIFE OF JESUS: Matthew 6:25-34 CHRISTIAN LIVING: Romans 8:18-22 REFLECT: What does this reading[...]
Step 4: Take Action
REDUCE AND RECYCLE PLASTIC Pope Francis continues to challenge us to change the “throwaway culture” we live in. What are we[...]
Raise Your Voice
Raise your voice in your school, church or local community by doing a letter writing campaign to restaurants, stores, etc.,[...]
Be A Global Neighbor
Did you know that Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers work with communities all over the world that are deeply impacted by[...]
Engage Your Family
Share what you have learned with your family. Invite them to keep track with you and then look for ways[...]
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