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Families are asked to fill up empty jars with acts of mercy and kindness.

Engage Your Family

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 DESIGN a mission of mercy for your family. Choose a location in your home and put a jar or bowl that you label mercy. Next to it put a container with rocks/beads/stones etc.EXPLAIN to your family that every time they do an act of mercy they should take a rock and place […]

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Father Bob McCahill and Fr. Bill McIntire support a trade school for women.

Be a Global Neighbor

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Fr. Bob McCahill, M.M., along with his fellow Maryknollers, works to create and help implement small, easy-to-manage income generating projects throughout Bangladesh.Be part of this mission of mercy by helping to support a Trade School for Women that teaches women how to sew professionally so they can provide shelter and food […]

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Social media is a medium students will use to share the experiences of the homeless.

Raise Your Voice

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Implement the action plan that your group designed. Invite others to join you through social media and personal invitations. Challenge other groups or classes to join you. Document your experience and share it with others through video, photos, social media and testimonies. Tell your story and the story of those you […]

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Step 4: Take Action

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 WATCH these videos Go Beyond Hello and Parents and Kids talk about Homelessness. “Go Beyond Hello” shares a story of students encountering people experiencing homelessness and finding ways to connect with them and their stories. The second video has kids sharing their stories of living without a home. During Lent Catholics […]

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Acts of corporal mercy are mandates of the Catholic Church.

What Does The Church Say?

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 The Corporal Works of Mercy give us a model for how we should treat others, They are: Feed the Hungry; Give Drink to Thirsty; Clothe the Naked; Shelter the Homeless; Visit the Sick; Visit the Prisoners; Bury the Dead.The US Catholic Bishops define “Shelter the Homeless” by explaining, “There are many […]

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Acts of mercy are found all throughout scripture.

Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10  READ ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: OLD TESTAMENT: Psalm 146: 5-9 LIFE OF JESUS: : Luke 15: 11-32 CHRISTIAN LIVING: James 2: 14-26REFLECT: What do these Scriptures say about mercy and how we should treat others? Based on this Scripture, how should we act as Missionary Disciples? Where in the world or your community do […]

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The MercyWatch project helps the homeless population in Everett, Washington.

Neighbor Focus

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Two nights a week, a group called MercyWatch, hits the streets in Everett, Washington. They offer medical care, basic necessities and kindness to people experiencing homelessness..The group is composed of volunteers including doctors, nurses, social workers and everyday people who want to do what they can for others. So every Tuesday […]

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Father Bob McCahill uses his bicycle to show that the purpose of life is to love.

Faith Perspective

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Every morning as the sun rises Fr. Bob McCahill, M.M. begins his journey of mercy as he travels the roads of Bangladesh on his bicycle seeking out the poor and sick. He says, “anyone who is seriously ill, young and poor, I will help”. His neighbors will tell Fr. Bob about […]

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Maryknoll priest Father Bob McCahill makes personal connections.

Step 2: Make Personal Connections

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 READ the FAITH PERSPECTIVE and NEIGHBOR FOCUS articles and WATCH Fr. Bob’s Video.DISCUSS: According to the National Alliance to End Homlessness 552,830 people in the U.S. experienced homelessness on a single night in 2018. What do you know about homelessness in your community? Fr. Bob, who works in Bangladesh, believes love […]

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The cross of Jesus symbolizes the crosses of the world!

Step 1: Pray

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Jesus, during these days of Lent help me to see in your Cross all the crosses of the world:the cross of people hungry for food and for love;the cross of people dying from lack of clean water;the cross of people sick and in need of health care;the cross of people without […]

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