Welcome to the Discover Your Neighbor 2019 Go Forth Lessons.

Go Forth Educator’s Guide 2019
Access your Middle School or K-5 Educator's Guide for your classroom by filling out the form below. You will then[...]
During this Easter and Pentecost season students will IDENTIFY ways that they can joyfully and courageously spread kindness as missionary disciples.DEMONSTRATE[...]
Step 1: Pray
St. Teresa of Avila said, “To have courage for whatever comes in life - everything lies in that.” Lord, I am young[...]
Step 2: Make Personal Connections
READ: the Faith Perspective article as a class/group. DISCUSS:  Around the world, the majority of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers are[...]
Faith Perspective
The night before the elections Mrs. Hall assigned the class to make a non-partisan sign to encourage others to vote.[...]
Neighbor Focus
John Siyumbu dialed the number to his parents’ home in Kenya. He had big news to share with them. After[...]
Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition
READ ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:OLD TESTAMENT: Exodus 4:10-17LIFE OF JESUS: Matthew 21:28-31CHRISTIAN LIVING: Romans 10:9-18REFLECT: In Exodus, Moses struggles with[...]
What Does The Church Say?
Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would come and give us strength in our daily lives. The 12 Fruits of[...]
Step 4: Take Action
EXPLAIN to the students that together you are going to CREATE a Kindness Campaign. BRAINSTORM asking the students to make[...]
Raise Your Voice
In your church or school make signs or a bulletin board with the saying(s) “In a world where you can[...]
Be A Global Neighbor
Existing on limited donations from its poor parishioners, the Parish of Cristo Resucitado in Chile needs your assistance to continue[...]



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