Welcome to the Discover Your Neighbor 2018 Migration Lessons.

Migration Educator’s Guide 2018
Access your Educator's Guide your classroom by filling the form below.MIGRATIONEDUCATOR'S GUIDEDownload the COMPLETE 2018 Care of Creation Educator's Guide.ACCESS[...]
Students will be able to: EXPLAIN and give examples of why people leave their homes and seek refuge in new lands. UNDERSTAND[...]
Step 1: Pray
Emmanuel-God With UsLoving God, during this Advent Season, help us to:Be with the migrant who is fleeing violence to seek[...]
Step 2: Make Personal Connections
READ: the Faith Perspective article as a class/group. DISCUSS:  Around the world, the majority of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers are[...]
Faith Perspective
Once a week Maryknoll Sister Lelia Mattingly passes through the security checkpoint of the U.S. Immigration Detention Center in El[...]
Neighbor Focus, Taiwan
Imagine that you see an ad that says “Help Wanted”- jobs in factories, construction, households, and fishing boats.  Hours: 12-15[...]
Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition
READ ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:Old Testament: Exodus 3:7-10  Exodus 23:9Life of Jesus: Matthew 2:13-23Christian Living: Hebrews 13:1-3REFLECT:  What does this passage[...]
Step 4: Take Action
DEVELOP AN ACTION PLANDivide the class/group into four groups Welcome, Protect, Promote, Integrate.  Provide each group an explanation of one[...]
Raise Your Voice
We all have a choice to be driven by love or be driven by fear.  Start a movement by making[...]
Engage Your Family
WATCH Pope Francis' Video on the four action steps for migration.  DISCUSS:  What was most impactful in this video for[...]



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