Welcome to the Discover Your Neighbor 2017 Economic Justice Lessons.

Economic Justice Classroom Poster
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What’s The Big Idea
​Living our faith means building a society that values all people.  ​We experience true joy by being in right relationship[...]
STEP 1: Pray
INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PRAYER: Close your eyes. Remember a time when you needed someone’s help because you were hurt, worried, or struggling.[...]
STEP 2: Make Personal Connections
OBJECTIVE: Students will examine global injustice and consider the appropriate response in light of Catholic teaching.WHAT IS JUSTICE? Based on Scripture,[...]
Neighbor Focus, Nepal
When Kabita Rai was a young girl, her family left their home to find better employment opportunities. Her father took[...]
Faith Perspective
“A few years ago, I was in Bolivia helping out at a school and parish in the countryside. Once, I[...]
STEP 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition
​READ ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:Read one of the following:6th Grade: Isaiah 58:6-117th Grade: John 6:1-158th Grade: Acts 4:32-36REFLECT: ​Comprehension: How are[...]
What Does The Church Say?
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable is one the themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Scripture shows that God hears the[...]
STEP 4: Take Action
PRAY, FAST, AND GIVE IN SOLIDARITYWe are one human family. Pope Francis reminds us that we must care for that[...]
Raise Your Voice
Show your community how Christ suffers today. Present Stations of the Cross representing global realities in your class, school, or[...]
Be A Global Neighbor
Did you know that Maryknoll missioners accompany people and communities affected by poverty around the world? In Nepal, Maryknoll supports[...]
Engage Your Family
Read Matthew 25:31-46 together. DISCUSS: How do you as a family take care of one another? Who else is Jesus[...]