Welcome to the Discover Your Neighbor 2017 Migration Lessons.

Migration Educator’s Guide
Photo: (CNS/D. Egan-Chin/U.S.)
What’s The Big Idea?
We recognize Christ in both those who migrate and those who welcome the stranger. The story of our faith is[...]
Step 1: Pray
INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PRAYERClose your eyes. Remember a time when you felt like a stranger somewhere. How did you feel: Afraid?[...]
Step 2: Make Personal Connections
OBJECTIVE: Students will reflect on how others show them love and discern what it means to love the stranger.JOURNAL: Think of[...]
Faith Perspective
“We all depend on others to welcome and care for us. When I first arrived as a missionary in Tanzania,[...]
Extensions and Activities
Pope Francis’ 2018 Message for the World Day of Migrants and RefugeesExplain to students that they are going learn about[...]
Neighbor Focus – United States
When Elvis Garcia Callejas was 15 years old, he fled violence in his home country of Honduras and journeyed alone[...]
Step 3: Explore Scripture and Tradition
READ ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:6th Grade: Leviticus 19: 33-34, Deuteronomy 10:17-197th Grade: Luke 10:25-378th Grade: Ephesians 2:13-20REFLECT: Based on this[...]
Step 4: Take Action
Tell Their Stories​Pope Francis reminds us that “Migrants are persons, with their own names, stories and families” (January 9, 2017).[...]
Raise Your Voice
Start a Love Your Neighbor Campaign! Review your class list of ways to make people feel welcome. Each week, put[...]
Be A Global Neighbor
Did you know that people migrate to countries all over the world, not just the United States? In Taiwan, Maryknoll[...]
Engage Your Family
Share the migration story that you researched with your family. Are there other stories of migration in your family? What[...]